There are several techniques to launch flying wings, but 2 of them are specially recommended over the rest for the Blackwing.

1º Bungee launch

This is probably the easiest and safest way to launch the Blackwing, the equipment you need is not expensive and can be found easily.

The launching can be done by only one person but will be much easier with 2 person.



  1. Analyze the wind direction, launching should be always against the wing.

  2. Nail 2 stake into the ground with 45deg of angle between stake and ground (separation between stakes should be around 2 meters.).

  3. Increase the tension of the bungee (around 30kg) and hold the strap with your feet.

  4. Connect the hook to the wire.

  5. Release the strap (do not apply power immediately because the prop can be tangled with the strap)

  6. Once the airplane is controlled and flying horizontally apply 50% power.



Bungee (Diameter 10mm, Length 10meters)

2º Hand launch

This method is a bit more complex but still very safe with the Blackwing, the main inconvenient is that the propeller is behind your hand and can cause you serious damage if it is running, for that reason it is highly recommended to launch the wing power off.


  1. Hold the keel with your hand.

  2. Launch it hard and horizontally against the wing.

  3. Apply 75% power and control the attitude of the airplane as soon as possible.

Detachable keel with hook


Hand and bungee launch examples

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