Welcome to our latest and best design. EWW-180 also known as the Whitewing is the evolution of the blackwing. It comes with a totally 3d printed landing gear with suspension and steerable nose gear. The wing can be removed thanks to an innovative and totally 3d printed locking mechanism patented by Eclipson Airplanes, the system is as simple as effective and the airflow will ensure that the latch is closed during the flight. The aerodynamic has been improved mainly thanks to the use of a nonlinear wing torsion, a higher aspect ratio and a lower static margin that was possible due to the use of winglets, this airplane reach the impressive glide ratio of 20 to 1 (PLA version), not bad taking into account the low reynolds number at which those models are working. This means that the aircraft can not be used only like UAV/FPV mode but also like a glider. 

2 versions will be available:

-EDF version: The sound of the motor plus the clean look makes this model special, nevertheless the low efficiency of the EDF motor won't allow you to stay in the air a lot of time.

-Propeller version: If you are searching for long travels and more internal space to install any kind of equipment this is your version, landing gear are still compatible making the take off much safer.

-STL files

-G-codes for PLA and LW-PLA
For free:

-Cura profiles
-Model for Real Flight simulator (Soon)

Soon available


-FPV/HD camera ready.

-EDF and propeller version.
-Detachable wing 
-Replaceable fixed tricycle landing gear
-Steerable nose gear. 



                                    LW-PLA    PLA
STRUCTURE WEIGHT        320gr    500gr

TAKE OF WEIGHT             700 gr   1200gr
STALL SPEED                   23kmh  28kmh
MAX GLIDE RATIO              18         20

WING LOADING                              24g/dm²    40/gr/dm² 

WING SPAN               1750m (69")

WING SURFACE          30dm2

WING AIRFOIL            NACA 2416

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