“The Blackwing´s aerial footage” is a competition promoted by Eclipson Airplanes where everyone can participate and win $50

1-Record an amazing HD video with your blackwing showing something interesting: amazing landscapes, fast piloting, long range record,        endurance records… the limit, just your imagination.

2- Upload the  video to youtube and contact us.

3- We are going to select one winner per month and pay him USD50. This video will be shared in Eclipson´s social medias.

Example 1

Example 2

Competition Rules:

-Video shorter than 1:30 minutes.

-Video uploaded with the name: “The Blackwing´s aerial films -(short description)”      for instance  “The Blackwing´s aerial films – flying     over the sea”

-Contact us with the topic: “The Blackwing´s aerial films” and with the link of your video.

-The Blackwing should be shown at least once in the video to prove that the video was recorded with this airplane

-Law violation: Be aware of your local laws and take it into account before making public any video. Eclipson Airplanes is not responsible of   any law violation of the participants of this competition.

-Credits: We will make reference to the pilot when we spread the video at our social medias.


Note: First video will be selected at the beginning of October 2019, nevertheless this date can be delayed depending on the quantity and quality of the videos uploaded.

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