At the beginning of Model´s T project we had one main goal: Perfect design

Thanks to this ambitious target we can say now that Model T is a well designed aircraft. The key of this great design was his long testing phase carry out by Eclipson and also by several testers with a lot of experience building and flying models: Ricky and Justin from USA, Charles from France and David from Spain

Model T2 (1).jpg

Charles´s Model T prototype

We prefer quality over quantity

Quality takes time:  Time to find the best possible solution for each detail, time to analyze the aerodynamic behavior of the airplane and improve it, time to reach the best strength to weight ratio, time to make the assembly process easier...  We prefer to invest all this time on each project rather than design dozens of models with lower quality.

Another important factor that helped us to improve model T´s  quality was his simplicity, when you design something the best solution will be always the most simple one, Model T is a classic trainer design with a rectangular and thick wing which is a design more than tested along the history of aviation, another example is the lack of steerable wheel for the taildragger version which improves a lot the stiffness.

Ricky´s first attempt

Even though Ricky´s first attempt might be consider like a disaster for most of the people we saw it like a success, why? because we could see that the model was really strong, after hitting the water quite hard no damage was suffered! Ricky was able to recover the airplane and just wait for a better weather.

About the causes of the accident: Windy day + no trimmed airplane, nothing to worry about.


Justin´s Model T prototype

Ricky´s first successful flight