Maximum lift to drag ratio which is numerically equal to the glide ratio of a given airplane increases when you just increase the weight of the airplane, here we will explain you why this is happening. 

The launch of ColorFabb' s LW-PLA in 2019 allowed us to dramatically reduce the weight of our 3D printed airplanes, this huge weight saving has a lot of benefits: You can fly slower, structure stresses are lower, you use less material, energy consumption is lower (therefore you can use less powerful motor and less capacity battery which reduce even more the weight and also the cost of the electronic to be used. Nevertheless there also few disadvantages, one is that wind and turbulence will affect you more, and the other is that glide ratio is lower.

-Glider ratio: Is the ratio between horizontal distance and vertical distance lost by an un-powered airplane.

This value is equal to the lift to drag ratio, L/D is also important for powered airplanes since is the main element to compere the aerodinamic efficency of the aircraft READ MORE